“In September 2013 Daren became my personal trainer once a week as I needed to get all over strength back without doing any impact training as I do not have any cartilage left in either knee.

Then in May I joined the group session on a Saturday morning making it twice weekly (gruelling) training sessions.

When I started I never expected to have not only changed shape and toned up so quickly but I can RUN again! Only in March my knees would periodically swell but now I’m well and truly getting back to my old self again and that is all thanks to Daren.

I can’t thank you enough.”

Angela Borelli, Saunderton

“I’m relatively new to kettlebells, April ’14, but already I can see & feel the difference.

I feel fitter & my body shape is changing. Darren is a brilliant teacher, he makes the classes so enjoyable, even if you are struggling, & spurs you on!

I’m looking forward to trying more classes & Virtual Body Blitz!
Thank you Chinnor Kettlebells I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead!”

Joni Cameron, Chinnor

“Since starting the classes and personal training I can honestly say that it has been life changing: through the classes I have achieved things that I did not think were possible at all….I became fitter than ever and have made friends with some awesome people.

Personal Ttraining is amazing, to be pushed to work hard for an hour leaves you with the very best after glow of feeling good….. Looking forward to the virtual personal training and the year ahead…. Thankyou for everything Chinnor Kettlebells”

Tina Sexton, Henton

“Doing Chinnor Kettlebells has changed my life for the better.

My eating habits have improved and absolutely love the exercising which has led to me running my first EVER 10k!!

Chinnor kettlebells is amazing!”

Kelly Bark, Chinnor

“Chinnor Kettlebells does not only help with physical health and strength but with mental well being as too!

Each comment above and below seems to show that people are surprised with what they have achieved therefore giving them a stronger belief in themselves with a really positive sense of achievement!

Chinnor Kettlebells has created a really fantastic vibe within the village community!”!

Michelle Sheerin, Chinnor/Abu Dhabi!

“After initially being apprehensive about starting a new exercise programme in January 2012, I’d say that joining Chinnor Kettlebells circuit classes and having personal training with Daren was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Best for my overall health, fitness and well being.

I would recommend doing this for anyone who is considering coming along! The only thing I have lost by doing this is lbs and inches!

I have gained a higher level of fitness, self confidence, more lean muscle and a few more friends!

Thanks so much Daren :))”

Paula Smith, Princes Risborough

“The whole village is going kettlebell crazy!

I’m really enjoying it and my body is getting nicely toned after just four or five sessions so thank you very much.

Great to see someone with so much enthusiasm doing so much good work. Keep it up!”

Nick Reed, Chinnor

“About 3 months ago I was talked into going along to one of Daren’s circuit classes, having not done any exercise really since school I was very apprehensive. But I found the class fun and varied and as it’s circuits I didn’t get bored and felt I could push myself to work for the alloted time.

Ever since the first class I have been to as many classes as I can-normally 4 a week and I have also been having personal traing with Daren as well once a week. I am really enjoying it and am getting the desired results.

I also did Daren’s Chinnor Kettlebell Body blitz for the month of July. I followed the eating and diet plan-finding it really achievable to fit into daily life. I lost 24 inches in total in 30 days and am amazed and very happy with the results, so much so I have decided to carry it on.

Thank you so much Daren for turning my life around….continue getting Chinnor fit.”

Jemma Stevens, Chinnor

“Since joining Daren at the beginning of my training with Kettlebells our relationship has become that of pleasure and friendship.

Daren is a great trainer with constant new ideas. He is also great fun and has the approach of someone I can go to discuss extra areas whether this be having banter with him or on a more serious level.

I thoroughly enjoy the training that he offers and the atmosphere at training whether this be in personal training or in his group classes. The results that I have achieved have been not only physical but actually feel healthier as well.

Daren has the ability to interact with all the people who attend the classes and makes that extra effort to get to know people on a personal and one to one basis.

This also makes the classes more enjoyable as you understand that you matter to Daren rather than just being a number.

I wish him the greatest success in the future as his hard work, dedication and personality deserve it.”

Will Potter, Thame