Training Options

Everyone is different.

Not everyone likes to train alone. You may find that you’d prefer to train with a friend or other half.

If you’d prefer that, it’s fine with me. Not only will it keep you motivated, you can share the cost of the session!



The classic training programme. We can train indoors or outdoors and I can even come to train you in your own home.

One to one training can encompass a variety of exercises from going for a run together, boxing on a punchbag or pads, kettlebell workouts or even a bodyweight circuits. Or a combination of all of the above. It’s your workout after all!



Want to train with a friend or your other half? No problem!

I can train you both together, even if you have varying fitness levels or goals. In my experience, some people find that having a friend with them helps motivate them to train, and in some cases helps them to achieve levels of fitness that wouldn’t have been otherwise possible.