Where does the training take place?
Training can take place either at mine, yours or outdoors in a local park or any open space. Gyms can be intimidating place, so let’s avoid those!

My place has a ‘rustic boxing gym’ which contains a punchbag, kettlebells and a few other essential bits of kit. If you’d rather train in the comfort of your own home, that’s no problem at all. I’ll come to you and bring my eqiupment with me.

16What are kettlebells?
Kettlebells look like an old fashioned kettle with a handle and are a great way to lose weight, gain muscle and build up fitness quickly. They range from 4kg upwards.

Kettlebell workouts have been around for a few centuries now but are now more popular than ever due to the incredible full body workouts they offer.

Why Chinnor Kettlebells?
As your trainer I will motivate you and develop a customised training programme that fits your fitness objectives. Our workouts will be fun, and I’ll even join in if that helps you!